about me

BMX rider, blogger, model, Anton Evstifeev lives that it charges and congenial. Born in Karaganda (Kazakhstan), he and his parents moved to Russia (Kazan), where he lived, studied and actively engaged in sports (football). At the end of 9 th grade Anton was fond of the street culture of BMX.

After several years of training, trips to Moscow, Anton and his parents moved to Moscow.

From the very beginning of his career Anton remembered bright and powerful performances, which led to a large number of victories and successful performances. Being very purposeful, for a short period of time Anton proved that he deserves to be among the leaders of the BMX movement. In 2010 and 2011 he was recognized as the best BMX rider in Russia in the discipline Dirt, Park. In 2013 he became the champion of Russia in the discipline VERT.

Anton is the first Russian BMX rider who has loudly declared himself in the international arena. It was after his performances in Europe, namely at the Simple Session 11 it becomes clear that the Russian guys are worthy to get to the finals and on the podium of any competition.

At the same time Anton begins his professional career as a model. The work of an unknown designer Gosha Rubchinsky, Slava Zaitsev. At competitions in Germany, he was seen by the local “scout” and invited to the German Agency. From where I got straight to Milan and Paris for fashion week. Anton has worked with such brands as Zzegna, Wooyooungme, LesHommes, Antonio Marras, Ermagildo Zegna. Now he lives in Moscow, works as a model, plays sports and shares his life in the social. networks and blogs.